Institutions and Elections Project (IAEP)

The Institutions and Elections Project (IAEP) dataset (version 2.0) contains information on de jure institutional provisions, electoral procedures, and electoral events for 170 countries in the period 1960–2012. It is the most encompassing published dataset on global institutional variation that explicitly codes de jure formal institutions. 

The first version of the dataset was published by Patrick Regan, Richard W. Frank and David Clark at Binghamton University and covered the period 1972–2005 (for more information, see the 2009 article ‘New Datasets on Political Institutions and Elections, 1972–2005’ published in Conflict Management and Peace Science).

For a description of the updated version of the dataset and its usage, please refer to the article ‘Updated data on institutions and elections 1960–2012: Presenting the IAEP dataset version 2.0’ by Tore Wig, Håvard Hegre and Patrick Regan, published in Research and Politics, as well as the Users’ Manual. The complete dataset can be downloaded in Stata and CSV format (consisting of one labeled version with text as cell values, and one numeric version). A list of variables and indexes in the dataset is also accessible below, together with graphical representations of the data (by country and by indicator).

Article | Users’ Manual | Dataset: Stata – CSV | Stata codebook | Graphs by country | Graphs by indicator

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