Development and peace

Papers listed here study how socio-economic development and economic growth is related to peace at the interstate and intrastate level, at the country level as well as for finer geographical resolutions, and also look into how conflict hampers development.

Hegre, Håvard (forthcoming). ‘Civil Conflict and Development’, in van de Walle, Nicholas; & Lancaster, Carol (eds.): Oxford University Press Handbook on the Politics of Development. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pre-publication version.

Hegre, Håvard (2013). Terminating Civil War. Working paper. Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).

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Hegre, Håvard and Martin Austvoll Nome (2010). Democracy, development, and armed conflict. Paper presented to the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington DC, September 2–5.

Østby, Gudrun; Raleigh, Clionadh; & Hegre, Håvard (2009). Poverty and Civil War Events: A Disaggregated Study of Liberia. Journal of Conflict Resolution 53(4): 598–623.

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Hegre, Håvard (2000). Development and the Liberal Peace: What Does it Take to be a Trading State?. Journal of Peace Research 37(1): 5–30.

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