Geography and peace

Papers listed here study the link between armed conflict and geographical and demographic characteristics of countries and locations, such as size in terms of population or economic output, relations of power preponderance or parity,  shared rivers or river basins, and the geographic location of armed conflicts.

Raleigh, Clionadh; Linke, Andrew; Hegre, Håvard; & Karlsen, Joakim (2010). Introducing ACLED: An Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset: Special Data Feature. Journal of Peace Research 47(5): 651–660.

Raleigh, Clionadh; & Hegre, Håvard (2009). Population Size, Concentration, and Civil War: A Geographically Disaggregated Analysis. Political Geography 28(4): 224–238.

Hegre, Håvard (2009). Trade Dependence or Size Dependence?: The Gravity Model of Trade and the Liberal Peace. Conflict Management and Peace Science 26(1): 26–45.

Østby, Gudrun; Raleigh, Clionadh; & Hegre, Håvard (2009). Poverty and Civil War Events: A Disaggregated Study of Liberia. Journal of Conflict Resolution 53(4): 598–623.

Hegre, Håvard (2008). Gravitating Toward War. Preponderance May Pacify, but Power Kills. Journal of Conflict Resolution 52(4): 566–589.

Hegre, Håvard (2008). Polarization and Interstate Conflict. Journal of Peace Research 45(2): 261–282.

Gleditsch, Nils Petter; Furlong, Kathryn; Hegre, Håvard; Lacina, Bethany Ann; & Owen, Taylor (2006). Conflicts over Shared Rivers: Resource Wars or Fuzzy Boundaries?. Political Geography 25(4): 361–382.

Hegre, Håvard; & Raleigh, Clionadh (2007). Population Size, Concentration, and Civil War : A Geographically Disaggregated Analysis. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Furlong, Kathryn; Gleditsch, Nils Petter; & Hegre, Håvard (2006). Geographic Opportunity and Neomalthusian Willingness: Boundaries, Shared Rivers, and Conflict. International Interactions 32(1): 79–108.

Toset, Hans Petter Wollebæk; Gleditsch, Nils Petter; & Hegre, Håvard (2000). Shared Rivers and Interstate Conflict. Political Geography 19(8): 971–996.

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